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The Charity of Mars

Publisher: Black Cat Press, 2002
ISBN 0-921501-00-5

Extensive research, minute books, correspondence and documents were the basis of this book that analyzes the socio-economic and cultural implications of this military experiment in national welfare. The result is a vibrant history of the lives of more than 11,000 children of rank-and-file soldiers of the British Army.

"This book ... reveals a pioneering contribution to 19th Century British social, economic and cultural development, not least in the experimental work on mass education." (HRH The Duke of Kent in his Foreword to the book)
Price in U.S. Funds: $32.00 - p & p included

Emma on Albert Street

Publisher: Black Cat Press, 1997.
ISBN 0-921501-00-5

This children's book is a mixture of fantasy, fiction and fact for children of all ages. Award-winning artist Bill Slavin's illustrations perfectly complement the stories.

"The rich language begs to be read aloud, if only for the chance to say 'codswallop.'" (Kathy Muldoon, Toronto Star, 12 July 1997.)

Price in U.S. Funds: $26.00 - p & p included

Winning the Radar War

Publisher: Macmillan, 1987.
ISBN 0-7715-9510-7
Publisher: Collins, 1987
ISBN 0-00-2150428-5 (Paperback edition).
Publisher St. Martins Press, 1987.
ISBN 0-312-01535-6 (U.S. edition).
Publisher: Robert Hale and Sons, 1987. 

No technology was more important than radar in the winning of the Second World War. This book tells of the race to develop radar in the words of Jack Nissen who was involved in the radar war from the very beginning. (See also Green Beach, 1975, by James Leasor)

"The account of the Dieppe raid alone is worth reading as (a) narrative of one survivor's heroism in a decimating battle." (The Virginian Pilot & Ledger Star, 3 April 1988.)

Price in U.S. Funds: $37.00 - p & p included
(Remaining stock of this item is severely limited)

Sons of the Brave

Publisher: Leo Cooper in association with Secker & Warburg, 1984.
ISBN 0-436-10294-3

This book is the story of boy soldiers in the British and Canadian armies.

". . . brings together masses of fascinating facts, old and new, on a subject hitherto rather neglected. It is well worth reading." (The Marquess of Anglesey, Sunday Telegraph, 13 May 1984.)

Out of Stock

Sir Percy Sillitoe

Publisher: W. H. Allen, London, 1975.
ISBN 0-491-01702-2

A biography of the most successful policeman of his day and head of MI5, the British security service. Sillitoe had an international reputation as a crime fighter. His investigation of diamond smuggling operations was the model for Ian Fleming's novel Diamonds are Forever.

"The biography of the most successful policeman of his day. Indeed, it might well be treated as compulsory reading." (Constabulary Gazette, February 1975.)

Out of Stock

"Thank you Anyway, Doctor"
by J.F. Leeson, M.D.

Publisher: lingua franca communications, 2000
ISBN 0-9688175-1-3

Subtitled 'Tales of a Small Town Doctor', this is a memoir of delight, enchantment and pleasure. It is a fund of anecdotes, fresh and compelling, without patronizing, or at the expense of anyone. Pleasure and satisfaction are guaranteed. The proceeds from sales of this book go to the Northumberland Hospital Foundation.  

These stories are touching, funny, and a delight to read. Dr. Leeson shows us that the heart of practicing medicine is practicing medicine with heart.” (Tim Hurson, speaker and writer, 2005.)
Specification: 50 pp in an 8.5" x 11" format with a cirlux binder and soft covers.

Price in U.S. Funds: $25.00 - p & p included

The Handbook of Technical Writing
by A. W. Cockerill

Publisher: Delta Tech Systems (1999)
ISBN 0-912501-38-2

This book was written and published for a three-day course on technical writing delivered to over 2500 engineers and scientists during a ten-year period. It deals with the use of language, research, writing and editing, procedures, specifications, manuals, letters and memoranda, how to deliver oral reports, and provides a guide to technical publishing. The illustrated publication comes with exercises, answers and a comprehensive index.

Specification: 125 pp in an 8.5" x 11" format with a cirlux binder and soft covers.
Price in U.S. Funds: $36.00 - p & p included (Hard cover copies on demand and price reductions for quantity orders)

Royal Military Asylum Admissions Ledgers and Genealogical Data
by P. Goble
This record of admissions of boys and girls to the Royal Military Asylum from 1803 to 1880 in the case of male entrants and from 1803 to 1847 although some data for the female students is missing from the records. This data, which includes ages, parentage, regimental unit and other fascinating data will be invaluable to anyone engaged in genealogical research. The data is available on a CD and comes with precise instructions of how to gain access to its content. P. Goble estimates that the descendants of these RMA children from 1903 to 1880 number about two and a half million people.
Price in U.S. Funds:
$35.00 - p & p included

Royal Hibernian Military School commemorative post card
Designed by P. Goble

Peter Goble, researcher and artist, has re-created images of the famous Royal Hibernian Military School (1765-1924) that once occupied premises in Phoenix Park, Dublin, and became a model for other military schools. Goble has designed this unusual limited edition post card that will appeal to military history buffs. It is available in packets of one dozen, two dozen and larger quantities on demand. Supplies to commercial outlets specializing in militaria by arrangement.

Price in U. S. funds:
$20.00 for one dozen
$36.00 for two dozen

Larger quantities by arrangement.
One Dozen
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A Guide to Military Temperance Medals
by David A. Harris

This second edition of author David Harris' popular guide to military temperance medals includes a wealth of new material. Enlarged in size, scope and pages from the first issue, Harris has drawn on the knowledge and expertise of numerous specialists in the field. New research in the records of the Army Temperance Society (ATA), the Royal Army Temperance Society (RATA) and the Royal Navy Temperance Society (RNTS) has resulted in a more complete treatment of temperance medals than any previous treatment of the subject. New plates both in colour and black and white, anecdotes and a large number of regimental medals add to the extraordinary history of the temperance movement in the British Army and Royal Navy. The book will be a welcome addition to the library of any collector of military medals.

Specification: pp128  9½" X 7¼" self-cover

Price: $40.00 in US Funds
Free packing and mailing in North America.
Price outside North America: $43.00 in US Funds

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