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Correspondence 2004
February - April

21 April 2004

Re: Royal Military Asylum for Children of Soldiers of the Regular Army

On 16 April I attended the "Ghosts Reunion" organized by the Crimean War Research Society at the National Army Museum. A fellow member of the Society told me about your CD regarding the Asylum/Schools and their admission lists. He informed me that my grandfather, Thomas Fallows Brown, and his brother, Frederick William Brown, both born in Rugby, Warwickshire, are both listed at the School on the census of 1891. They do not of course turn up in any admissions list as that information on your CD obviously only goes to 1880. Their father (39th Regt of Foot.) died in 1882, so they were both admitted after that date.Are their any admissions records for the post 1880 period available? I have looked on PROCAT but it seems likely the years I want to check are missing. Perhaps you could advise. Anyway many thanks as your CD as already enabled me to fill in missing years in my family history- previously I had no idea at all which school my Grandfather and Great Uncle attended.

Thank you,

Gareth Browne

April 21, 2004

Hello Garreth,

It is always encouraging to learn that someone somewhere has found useful information on my CD. There does seem to be a ledger segment missing for the period 1890 to 1909, which was the year the School moved to Dover. There may, however, be a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

Write to Lt Col. R Say, Bursar, Duke of York's Royal Military School, Dover, Kent, CUT 5EQ, including as much detail as you know: date of birth, father's regiment, home address and your claim of relationship. The Data Protection Act gets everywhere.

There are some records at the school. I can't guarantee that those you are after will be there, but it is possible. If so, photostat copies are available for a donation of about £10 to cover of copying and postage. In my case, it was well worth the effort and the 'donation', The results included the original plea, medical certificates and school reports for the years spent at the school, not forgetting some letters written to the school by my mother.

Regards, Peter Goble

9 May 2004

Dear Peter,
Many thanks again for your information, I have been in contact with Lt Col. R. Say, and was amazed by the information I received. Exactly as you said, which is incredible as the records were from 1877 for my grandfather and, for my great uncle, from 1879. It has filled a real gap in family history.
Yours, Gareth

8 February 2004

I am researching the Weatherhead branch of my family tree and have discovered that one of my ancestors attended the Royal Military Asylum in Chelsea. His name was Albert Edward Weatherhead who was the son of Henry Weatherhead, a career soldier. Henry was a Private in the 1st Battalion 24th Regiment of Foot and was attested on 28 July 1859, aged 19 years. He lost his life on 22 February 879 at Isandlwana during the first battle of the Zulu War.

After her husband's death, Albert's mother gave birth to a sibling in 1880, increasing the children to three. I can only assume that she must have hit upon 'hard times' as Albert was sent to the Royal Military Asylum and his sister Mary Anne was sent to the Soldiers Daughter's Home in Roslyn Hill, Hampstead.

The only information that I have regarding Albert is that in 1881 he was aged 12 years and living at the RMA and in 1901 he was a postman living in Farnborough (near to his mother, who also lived there).

From your website I gather that you have access to the RMA admissions register. Would it be possible for you to look for Albert? I have no other information on him, or his father, other than that described here.

Graham Marley

3 March 2003

Hello Graham,

A boy fitting your description was admitted to the RMA 1 Aug 1879 aged 10 years and 5 months, noted as being a Protestant, son of Lance Corporal Henry of the 24th Regt of Foot and Mary Ann. He was delivered to his mother on the 17th February 1883. No address is shown. Albert Edward also appears in the 1881 census folio 92 page 10, aged 12, and declared as being born in Malta. A line scan of the entry in the WO143-18 admissions ledger, 1826 to 1880 is attached as a jpg image. Any further details of this student would be appreciated.

Peter Goble

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