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February 2009


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17 February 2009

This correspondence, duplicacad elsewhere,removed.


17 February 2009

I have been researching my family history and in particular my great great grandfather, Edwin James (Winson) Jones b.1865 Charlton, Kent. He appears to have married twice, first to Ellen Aiken b.1869 Carlow, Ireland, then to a Harriet Ferns b.1871, Co Clare, Ireland. This marriage occurred in 1908 but I cannot find out what happened to Edwin's first wife Ellen. She may have died. They had several children. Now, I have found a marriage for Edwin James W Jones & Harriet Ferns in Chelsea in 1908. I also found a Harriet Ferns b.1871, Ireland in the 1901 census working as a 'Hospital Nurse' at the Duke of Yorks Military Asylum, Chelsea. I am putting 2 & 2 together here and guessing that this is the Harriet Ferns that Edwin married. Maybe his first wife died and his children went to the Duke of York's Asylum but this is all supposition on my part. Is there any sort of register for the nurses who worked at the Asylum or anything that would point to Edwin Jones's children being admitted to the Asylum?

Terry Boston-Marsh
Canterbury, Kent, UK.

18 February 2009

Terry, That would be the Duke of York's Royal Military School. It was the Royal Military Asylum until 1892 when the name changed. I've sent your enquiry on to my colleague, Peter Goble, who may have the name somewhere but I doubt it. We've got a record of the children passing through the institution and the senior staff, but not the nurses, cleaners, cooks, sergeant majors etc. Still, you never know. Peter might have some suggestions.

Art Cockerill

18 February 2009

Terry, Can you let me have the Address (if available), ages and Employment of the groom and the location or Regiment, also any witnesses?


18 February 2009

Peter, I am just waiting for the marriage certificate to arrive. When I have all the details I will send them on to you. As far as I know Edwin James Jones was a Staff Sergeant Major of the Army Service Corps (discharged on 27th Nov 1901).


18 February 2009

Terry, I have pressed the pause button, and will await the marriage details. If the children from the first marriage went to the RMA, then a check of the Jones. for the 1881 census may show 1, the census has been transcribed and is on the follow the link to the RMA and the Statistics pages.


19 February 2009

I have just discovered this website after finding an entry in my g-grandfather's Attestation where he joined the RFA. He was born 8 Apr 1869 near Banbridge, Ireland. The entry list first the RMA then on the next line Royal Hibernian Military School. My question is whether the work on digitizing referred to below has been completed, and secondly if so, is there any way to get a look up to see if he is in there. There is a reference to 5 BTN Royal Irish Rifles but as yet I don't know the significance of this yet.

Ken Smith
New Zealand

19 February 2009

Thanks for your enquiry. My colleague, Peter Goble, who has the admission records of the military schools, is in a much better position than I am to answer your question, so I'm forwarding a copy of this response to him.

20 February 2009

Ken, Without a name, it is impossible for me to check against the ledgers. However, from the information entered, the detail re the schools if from his attestation papers. The school attended should be indicated by the Recruiting Offficer and the box to the right of the form, initialled or signed by him. This section was used only for those boys that enlisted at the age of 14. A statistical trap to record the number of boys from the two military schools that enlisted. If you let me know his name, I will check to make sure that he did not attend.


Sorry for that. His name is David McCaw born 18 Apr 1869.

Ken Smith

20 Feb 2009

Ken, There are no entries for McCAW in the RMA or RHMS Ledgers. It is I I thought, a misunderstanding of the info in his attestation Paper

Peter G


20 February 2009

I came across you site with much interest as having just discovered the my husband's grandfather attended the Royal Hibernian Military School and he also attended the Duke of York's Royal Military School. I do not have the dates of when he attended. His name is James Arthur Nicholl, Born 20 Aug 1867, India. Year of enlistment was1885 at the age of 17 years. His father's name was Patrick Nicholl (mother and father both Irish); no more info on mother or father. Having read your article has made me realise that his father must have died in action. Will now be looking into his father's death. The question I am now going to ask is, do you by some remote chance have his name of any of your lists.

Terri Nicholl

21 February 2009

Thank you for your message. If your information is that your husband's grandfather attended both the Royal Hibernian Military School and the Duke of York's Royal Military School I doubt very much if your information is correct. To give you the benefit of my doubt, however, I am forwarding your e-mail to my colleague, Peter Goble, who has transcribed the extant admission registers of both military schools. He will check and contact you directly with a copy of his response to me.

Art Cockerill

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