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Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight without Oil

by Richard Gilbert and Anthony Perl

DAVID BRAGDON, President of Metro Portland, Oregon:
Transport Revolutions draws lessons from the past to develop insightful scenarios about the future of transportation and how it will be fuelled, useful to students and policy-makers around the world. This wide-ranging book blends history, economics and political science to describe the complex relationship between petroleum and how our economies move.

ELIZABETH DEAKIN, Professor of City Planning and Director, Transportation Center, University of California:
A terrific book! Gilbert and Perl spell out the policy options that are before us and illuminate the consequences of the paths we may choose. Whether or not the reader agrees with their analysis, this is a book that deserves to be read, debated, and recommended to others concerned about the economic, environmental, and social wellbeing of our small planet.

HANK DITTMAR, Chief Executive of The Princes Foundation for the Built Environment; former Chair of the Congress for the New Urbanism; and author of Transport and Neigh-bourhoods, and co-author and editor of New Transit Town:
People writing about the future of transport tend to fall into one of two camps: technological determinists who argue that cars will always triumph and that oil depletion and climate change are illusory, and doomsayers who prognosticate a world of inevitable decline and loss of mobility. Perl and Gilbert's Transport Revolutions takes the middle path, presenting the incontrovertible evidence about peak oil and climate change, and detailing sensible policies and investments which could avert the looming problems. This book deserves a wide audience, and will be useful for policy makers, analysts and professionals and environmentalists alike.

TONY HISS, Author of The Experience of Place: A New Way of Dealing with our Radically Changing Cities and Countryside, and visiting scholar, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, NYU:
This remarkably timely, optimistic and practical book is about transitioning painlessly in two stages to an oil-depleted world. Gilbert and Perl have assembled, digested, and integrated a staggering amount of information, and they describe the revolutions ahead in clear, readable, non-jargony prose.

DAVE HUGHES, President, Global Sustainability Research:
Gilbert and Perl's analysis of solutions to the transportation dilemmas facing us in an era of diminished hydrocarbon availability is absolutely fundamental reading for all of us, but particularly for policymakers who can make a difference. If policymakers ignore this book, it is at our peril.

Rt Hon EDWARD SCHREYER, former Governor General of Canada, former Premier of Manitoba:
Transport Revolutions is remarkably well researched. Those who see imminent catastrophic decline in oil-based energy for mobile transport will probably regard the authors Gilbert and Perl as being much too conservative or passive. Those who crave a future that can proceed as "business as usual" will regard this work as too disruptive and too much of a calI to us alI to mend our ways. Alternative energy sources, forms and modalities are defined in an objective overview of the various options. The case for renewables and the nuclear option is made with objective analysis. In summary, Transport Revolutions is a work of great merit and standard of measure.