The Army Children Archive (TACA) – chronicles the fascinating history, experience, education and varied lives of children of the British Army through the ages. For those who 'followed the drum', this is a site to visit and watch; there is no other like it on the internet. NEW

Duke of York's Royal Military School
Website of interest to old boys and girls of the Duke of York's.

Genealogical research - military schools
This site provides genealogical researchers with admissions and statistical data relating to the Royal Hibernian Military School (1765-1924) and the Royal Military Asylum (1803-1892). All available data has been transcribed and put on a researchable data base. The base includes data related to specific line regiments, cavalry, artillery and corps units.

Duke of York's Royal Military School Old Boys Association
The website of the old boys and girls of the Duke of York's Royal Military School, Dover.

Arborfield Old Boys Association
The website of the old boys of Princess Marina College, Arborfield, Berks,  known during WWII as The Army Technical School.

National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office)
The National Archives, Kew, at which many of the documents researched for use at this site are kept.

Army Apprentice Soldiers - Discussion group for ex-apprentice soldiers of the British and Canadian armies.

Carney brothers of the RHMS: Military history of the Carney family, five brothers educated at the Royal Hibernian Military School.

A Site for Sore Eyes - Ken Mathews: introductory reading of excerpts from the children's book, Emma on Albert Street.

Charge of the Light Brigade – site dedicated to the officers and men of the Light Brigade who fought in the Crimea War (1854-1856); a source of information to RHMS and RMA boys who took part.

Alumni association for Scholars from the Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund