Bomber pilot's log


This book Vera, dear, is written for you. In it I have recorded a host of trivial incidents which to any but a very understanding wife would appear pointless and probably dull. Perhaps some pages are exceedingly poor stuff, but I know that you will understand where others would be bored. Should others read this little effort, I earnestly pray that they will not skip the introduction as in it, here and now I make my apologies to them. But read on dearest of the gap of so many months, the duration of my enforced desertion from the only girl in the world. God bless her.

  1. Descent on France
  2. Walking through France
  3. The Doctor is a friend to me
  4. The Desmoulin Farm
  5. I meet Bill
  6. Soissons again
  7. My stay at Morsain
  8. A trip to Paris
  9. Betrayal and imprisonment
  10. New friends
  11. Leaving prison in Paris
  12. Concentration Camp
  13. Stalag Luft III
  14. Walking through Germany
  15. Journey to freedom
  16. After the war
  17. Epilogue and acknowledgement