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Peter Dawson's HMV recording of Thomas Bidgood's Sons of the Brave

The story of Thomas Bidgood (see the 1898 Bidgood's March article) has already been told. No mention was made of the Peter Dawson recording for HMV of the verses written by a fellow Australian to the Bidgood march. The Dawson recording was mentioned in an earlier article on the Sons of the Brave painting by Phillip R. Morris (see the 1880 Morris's painting article).

Readers equipped with a sound system on their computers may wish to hear this fine rendition of the Sons of the Brave march sung by Peter Dawson in the 1932 HMV recording. The sound file is 2.6 MB (this will take a while to load for dial up viewers). To hear the Peter Dawson song click here.

For those interested, the words are:

  Sons of the Brave

When the bugle sounds the clarion call
From the countryside they’re rallying all
Ready to dare and serve what’er befall
Sons of the brave the nation’s pride
Side by side the boys are swinging along
With a cheery smile and rollicking song
To the battle’s van they’ll soon belong
Glorious victory to decide

We’re marching, marching, marching away
Step by step and side by side
On the road that leads to victory
Sons of the brave and the nation’s pride

Sad hearts are left and homes bereft
of love and life and laughter
They go to claim a hero’s name
in freedom’s call to conquer
And who will say within you stay
their heritage’s glory
Oh in golden words their name engrave
All hail the bravest of the brave

On the homeward road they’re marching along
Not a voice is heard in rollicking song
For to the battlefield their thoughts belong
Sons of the brave the nation’s pride
When the roll is called there’s many a name
Never answers though they call it again
Honour is death for them a hero’s name
Sons of the brave the nation’s pride

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