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RMS Main building (circa 1840) showing Admiralty signalling semaphor on roof. Drawn by Thos. H. Shepherd, engraved by T., Barber. Enlarged view of the signalling semaphor on the roof. 
Engraving of unknown artist of the old wooden Battersea Bridge over which the first arrivals from the Isle of Wight travelled 29 August 1803 after their exhausting four-day journey by carrier's cart from General Hewett's military farm orphanage.
Boys at the RMA Chelsea main gate about to be inspected by the gate porter before walking out.
Waiting in line for a haircut by a member of the staff, who received extra pay for this work. View of the RMA, Chelsea, dining room with the tables moved to the outer walls.
The new railway station Southampton (circa 1838), from which the girls of the Southampton Branch left on their journey to Chelsea in 1841. Colour party of the RMA some time during the late 19th Century.
  More images to follow as they become available.  

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