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Diet Table for the Children

Editing note: This table has been edited for modern spelling.
Throughout the Year. BREAKFAST Stirabout, one quart to the largest Children, and a pint to the smallest, with half a pint of Milk to each SUPPER. Bread, eight ounces to the largest Children, and five ounces one third to the smallest, with a pint of milk or gruel, to each.
Sunday DINNER. Beef boiled eight ounces, Potatoes one pound and an half, with Cabbage or Greens
Monday DINNER. Ox head Soup, one quart to the largeft Children, and a pint to the smallest, with one pound and an half of Potatoes to each.
Tuesday DINNER. The same as for Sunday.
Wednesday DINNER. The same as for Monday.
Thursday DINNER. Calecannon one pound and an half to the largest Children, and one pound to the smallest, with half-a-pint of milk (or small beer) to each.
Friday DINNER. The same as for Sunday and Tuesday.
Saturday DINNER. The same as for Monday and Wednesday.

Four ounces of Oatmeal to be issued for each Child's breakfast, which will give the allowance of Stirabout as above specified.

Pure milk should not at any time be reduced more than by the addition of one-third of water, and if a scarcity of that article of food should at any time occur, oatmeal gruel, well prepared and boiled (with a proportion of one-fifth of pure milk and a sparing quantity of salt, will be found a wholesome substitute for the Children’s supper.

The Beef is estimated including bone; the parts of the Beef contracted for, should be Laps, Haunches, and Sticking pieces.
The small and delicate Children may probably required only five or fix ounces of meat, therefore, the over plus arising from that circumstance, may be given to those Children who from quick growth shall appear to require a greater quantity of food; this, however, Serjeants and Companies should report to the Commanding Officer at the hour of Dinner, who will cause the food to be carefully divided.

The Soup is to be made from the Liquor in which the Beef has been boiled, with the addition of three Ox Heads (most strictly furnished and soaked over night in water) and the bones of the meat issued the previous day, together with Oatmeal, Leeks and (word missing). The quantity of Oatmeal for Soup for each Child, to be half an ounce.

The Calecannon is composed of an equal quantity of Potatoes and Greens, and to every four pounds required, three ounces of butter, and half a pint of milk, to be seasoned with leeks and salt.

Surgeon, Hibernian School

Editor's note: While there is no explanation in the 1819 Regulations for the use of mixed old-style and new-style English it is speculated that Surgeon Edward Trevor, in appending his name to the DIET TABLE, simply approved the diet table published in the previous Regulations (circa 1769). This would have saved the printer re-typesetting work. This much would appear obvious in the mixture of short and long S form used in the Summer and Winter time table (table of time) in the original document.

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