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The Royal Hibernian Military School (1765-1924)
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Some General Regulations

1st - Each Officer belonging to the Society, as his appointment, to be furnished with a Book of Regulations, and all Assistants, and Servants, to have a printed Copy of the particular Duty required of them

2nd - The Military Officers of the Institution shall always appear in Uniform, when they attend the Board or Committee of Fifteen.

3rd - No Officer, Assistant, or Servant resident in the House, to be absent without obtaining the leave of the Commandant.

4th - From the first of October to the first of May, the Tattoo is to beat at half after Eight o'Clock; after that period, at Nine; after which none of the Assistants or Servants are to be absent from the Institution.

5th - None of the Children to pass out of the Gate, without a written or verbal Permission from the Commandant.

6th - No Child that is once discharged for irregularity, or clandestinely taken away by their Parents, is on any account whatsoever to be re-admitted into the School.

7th - No Roman-Catholic Servants to be employed in the House.

8th - And no Servant dismissed for improper Conduct, to be employed by any of the resident Officers.

9th - No Person to be admitted within the Gate, whose Child, or Relation is in the Infirmary, with the Permission of the Surgeon.

10th - No Poultry, or Pigs, to be suffered to roam through the Grounds or buildings.

11th - The Resident Officers will each be allowed a Boy, and a Girl, to officiate as Servants, should they required it; but it is expected that upon availing themselves of this indulgence, they will provide them with suitable Dresses, at their own expence, in order to save their School Clothing. They will also be held accountable for their Moral Conduct, and that a due portion of their time be devoted to their Education. Such Children are to be obtained, only, on application to the Commandant, nor are they to be exchanged for others, but by the same authority.

12th - All Articles of Clothing, &c. &c. of which Samples can be obtained, to be kept sealed, in the Possession of the Commandant, until the Articles of which they are Samples, are worn out or consumed.

13th - It is to be strictly understood that no Officer, or other Person, connected with the Institution, shall under any pretence whatsoever, execute or cause to be executed any Alteration, Repairs, Amendments or other Works affecting the appearance of construction of the Buildings, Grounds, or Gardens, or any part thereof without the Consent of the Governors.

14th - No Officer, Assistant, or Servant belonging to the Institution, shall directly or indirectly, demand or receive any perquisite, or any emolument whatever, beyond the Pay and Allowances annexed to his respective Employments; and any such Officer, Assistant, or Servant, so offending, shall be deemed to have forfeited his situation.

15th - In Conclusion - The Governors expect from the Officers of this most excellent and important Establishment, whose Duties have now been defined, and to whose Honor and Fidelity they commit their execution, a cordial, unbiased Co-operation of Heart and Sentiment, as an only means to carry it to that Perfection so ardently wished, and which, with mutual Endeavours on the part of the Officers, must ultimately reflect Lustre on the National Character, and diffuse in its happy Consequences, solid Advantages to the Empire at large.

Table of Contents - Royal Hibernian Military School
1769 Petition
1806 Pay and Allowances
1806 Weekly Governor's Report
1806 Time Table
1819 Charter
1819 Diet
1819 Staff Duties
1819 General Regulations
1844 Return of Religions
1849 S.S. Pemberton Orphans
1856 School Inspector Gleig
1857 China
1873 Religion
1900 Review at Phoenix Park
1918 Lost Boys
1919 Roll of Honour
1919 Recollections
1919 Lives of the Hibernians
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
1922 Last cricket match
1924 A soldier's orphan's story
1924 Last roll call
1924 Laying up the colours
1924 The final era
1937 A military misfit NEW
1969 The bicentenary reunion
1994 Capt. Harry Bloomer MBE
2001 IGS No.25 History
2004 Newsletter
2005 The last known Hibernian
2007 Sources of Hibernian documents

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