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Roll of Honour
The Great War of 1914-1918

The roll of honour provided here was compiled from information in the Hibernia quarterly of the Hibernia School. It includes those killed or who died of wounds, those wounded, reported missing, prisoners of war, promotions and those who received awards. The roll is published on this web site for the use of genealogists and others who seek information on family histories. The record is an accurate transcription of the names, dates and details as they appear in various issues of the Hibernia quarterly. Some entries are obviously incorrect; for example, company numbers did not go as high as 192.

  1. For the information of non-military readers, the alpha-numerical references and abbreviations that appear in the roll of honour list are here explained.
  2. The first number is the soldier's regimental number. The asterisk preceding the number indicates that the entry has been confirmed by the officer in charge of records.
  3. The military abbreviations are listed separately in the table following.
  4. The alpha-number and dates in parenthesis show the soldier's company number when he was in the RHMS followed by the dates at which he entered and left the School. There were seven companies in the school, each with between 60 and 70 pupils for a total population of about 500 children. The first entry, for Gunner J. P. Cole, shows that his School number was 48 in C Company. He entered the RHMS on 17 November 1903 and left 17 February 1907.
  5. Boys who enlisted in the services did so with the rank of Boy on entry at the age of 14. As the date of birth is not given, the age of 14 is the best indication of the age of the soldier whose entry appears in the list. Hence, Gunner Cole would have been 21 years of age in 1914.
  6. The list includes a number of soldiers who were brothers, which is deduced from their company numbers, dates of entry into the RHMS, and the arm of the service in which the served. For example, see the three West brothers who served in the Rifle Brigade.
  7. The Honours List does not appear to have been compiled alphabetically or by the seniority of the unit. Most dates published in the Hibernia quarterlies are abbreviated.

The list is too large to post online. The file is available for download in PDF or Excel format.

Download the Roll of Honour List (PDF File)

Download the Roll of Honour List (Excel File)

Abbreviations Used
Actg Acting
ASC Army Service Corps
Bn  Battalion
BQMS Battery Quarter Mast Sergeant
BSM Battery Sergeant Major
Bomb or Bmdr Bombadier
Capt. Captain
CQMS Company Quarter Master Sergeant
CSM Company Sergeant Major
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
Dr. Driver
Dmr Drummer
Gnr' Gunner
Inf.' Infantry
KOSB' King's Own South Wales Borderers
KOYLI' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Lancs.' Lancashire
L/Cpl  Lance Corporal
L/Sgt.  Lance Sergeant
Lt. or Lieut. Lieutenant
L.I.  Light Infantry
MBE  Member of the British Empire
MM Military Medal
Notts. Nottinghamshire
Pte.  Private
QM  Quarter Master
QMS  Quarter Master Sergeant
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
R.E. Royal Engineers
RGA Royal Garrison Artillery
RQMS  Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant
RSM  Regimental Sergeant Major
Sgt.or Sergt. Sergeant
SQMS Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant
Sup. Superintendent
Temp. Temporary
Trptr Trumpeter

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1769 Petition
1806 Pay and Allowances
1806 Weekly Governor's Report
1806 Time Table
1819 Charter
1819 Diet
1819 Staff Duties
1819 General Regulations
1844 Return of Religions
1849 S.S. Pemberton Orphans
1856 School Inspector Gleig
1857 China
1873 Religion
1900 Review at Phoenix Park
1918 Lost Boys
1919 Roll of Honour
1919 Recollections
1919 Lives of the Hibernians
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
1922 Last cricket match
1924 A soldier's orphan's story
1924 Last roll call
1924 Laying up the colours
1924 The final era
1937 A military misfit NEW
1969 The bicentenary reunion
1994 Capt. Harry Bloomer MBE
2001 IGS No.25 History
2004 Newsletter
2005 The last known Hibernian
2007 Sources of Hibernian documents

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