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Petition to His Majesty King George III
Dated 18 April 1769

To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty

Petition of the Lord Primate, Lord Chancellor, Archbishops, Dukes, Noblemen, Bishops, Judges, Gentry and Clergy of the Kingdom of Ireland Whose names are Hereunto Subscribed

Most Humbly Representeth

That upon the Death of Non Commissioned Officers and Private men of your Majesty's Army in Ireland and upon the Removal of Regiments to Foreign service great Numbers of Children Boys and Girls having been left destitute without either Publick or private Aid for their Sustenance, and the Number of these unfortunate Children having increased very considerably by Drafting of Regiments during the late War, and by Rotation of the Relief of Regiments upon Foreign Duty, a Subscription was set on Foot in the year 1764 for raising a Fund to support the Establishment of an Hospital in order to preserve such Objects from Popery, Beggary and Idleness and to train them up so as to become usefull Industrious Protestant Subjects and the Subscribers to this usefull Charity have formed themselves into a Body under the Name of the Governors and Guardians of the Hibernian Society for maintaining the Orphans and Children of Soldiers only.

That upon the first Institution of this Charity in January, 1765, Provision was made for the Maintainance of 20 boys only. But by the Encouragement Given by the Publick and Particularly by the Regiments in this Kingdom, the Said Society have in the last year Augmented the Number to 140 Children.

That the Parliament of Ireland in the session 1765 Granted the sum of Three thousand pounds towards building an Hospital, and your Majesty having been graciously pleased to Grant Three Acres of Land in your Majestys Phoenix park near Dublin as an Endowment thereto. The Parliament of Ireland in this present Session have Granted a further sum of Four thousand pounds towards erecting the same with proper Offices for the Reception of 400 Children and for providing Furniture and inclosing the said three Acres, and the House is already Roofed and will be finished with all possible Expedition.

That this Institution have received a Signal Mark of your Majesty's Royal approbation and Very great encouragement as well from Parliament and the Publick is become a real National Concern, and the said Society being extremely earnest that the same should be conducted with such Economy, Regularity and Credit as will not only render it a real but a lasting Benefit to your Majestys Military service and to this Kingdom in General; are of opinion that it will tend very much to this good and if your Majesty shall be graciously pleased to erect them into a Corporation for the purpose of Carrying more effectually into execution this useful Undertaking.

Your Petitioners therefore humbly Pray that your Majesty will be Graciously pleased by your Letters Patent under the Great seal of Ireland to Incorporate your Memorialists and others, Subscribers to the said Charity, with such powers and Authorities, and under such Regulations and Restrictions as to your Majesty in your Great Wisdom shall seem Meet.


This Petition was signed by 35 petitioners, following Richard Armagh, and including senior officers of the 49th, 50th and 51st Regiments . The date of the petition was 18th April, 1769 and the Hibernian Society was incorporated under Royal Charter on 15th July in the same year; the first meeting of Governors was held at Dublin Castle, 6th November, 1769)

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