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Duty of the Several Officers, Assistants and Servants


The President, Vice-president and Chairman, being by Charter to preside at all Meetings, is likewise to regulated the Debates of the Society, to state and put Questions, according to the sense and intention of the Members; to check Irregularities, and keep all Persons in order, and to execute, and see to the Execution of the Power and Intention of the Charter, and to observe and cause to be observed all Rules and Orders of the Society; in doing of which he is to be supported by the Society.


The Commandant must be resident in the House; over the interior Economy of which, he has a general superintendance and control. All the Officers, Assistants and Servants are subject to his Orders, and he is responsible for their conduct. He is hereby invested with Power to suspend (until the next Meeting of the Committee) any of the Officers not holding Commissions, assistants or servants, whose misconduct may deserve it. It will be his duty to report to the Committee all occurrences that may call for their attention, and he will constantly exercise his utmost care and vigilance in promoting the general welfare of the Institution.

It is of essential consequence that all payments should, as far as practicable, be regularly made every quarter, under the authority of the General Board, but as there will be many casual disbursements, which cannot be conveniently postponed to those periods, the Treasurer will be authorise by the Committee of Fifteen, to advance to the Commandant from time to time, as they shall see occasion, such moderate sums as they may deem necessary for such disbursements, and the Commandant will direct the Quartermaster to make those payments, to take proper receipts in the name of the Treasurer, and to keep a regular account of the sum; which account, with the receipts, shall be transmitted to the Acting Treasurer, to be by him laid before the Committee on the first Tuesday in every month.


He shall receive all sums of money ordered by the Committee and shall pay the same conformably to their orders. He is to examine, check, and keep all the Accounts of the Institution, and to enter and Abstract thereof in a book, for the examination of the Commandant, the Committee, and the Board, previously to or immediately after, their being ordered for payment. He is to keep a regular account of all sums of money expended by him, which he is to submit to the Committee (with the necessary Vouchers) on the first Tuesday in each month. He shall make up his Accounts annually, and subject the same to the inspection of the Committee, who shall allow him credit for such sums only as have been expended by their order, and for which due Receipts are produced by him. He shall (as required by Act of Parliament) submit the same afterwards to the Commissioners of Public Accounts: to whom he will render all satisfaction touching such Accounts. He shall communicate to the Committee all information he may receive respecting Legacies or Donations to the Charity, and endeavour to procure as far as lies in his power, speedy payment for the same. He is to keep account of the Contingent Fund of the Society, distinguishing in what manner each part of it has accrued, whether by legacy, Donation, or sale of any Article in the Economy of the House. He shall give Security in the sum of One Thousand Pounds to the Society, on his appointment.


The Chaplain is to be resident in the House. His duty will be to read Prayers twice, and preach once every Sunday, and likewise on Christmas-day, Good-Friday, and every public festival that may be directed by the Ordinary; and it is the positive orders of the Governors, that all the Officers, Assistants, and Servants of the Establishment shall regularly attend Divine Service on Sun days, and on the public Fasts and Festivals.

The Chaplain is to examine the Children in the Church Catechism, and instruct them in the meaning thereof, according to the Capacities, as frequently as possible, and as he may judge necessary; and to read Prayers to them on every Wednesday and Friday Morning; and to appoint school prayers to be read on other Mornings by the Orderly of the Make and Females Schools. He is also to be responsible for, and to have a general superintendance of the Education of the Children, to see that they duly and reverently attend public Worship; to reprove them for any irregularities which he shall observe, or know them to be guilty of, and if they do no amend after admonition, he is to report their behaviour in writing to the Commandant. It will likewise be his duty to have a watchful eye over the moral and religious conduct of the Officers, Assistants, and Servants of the Institution, and likewise to visit frequently and at uncertain times, the Schools, Workshops, Refectories and Dormitories, and particularly to report to the Commandant, if he hears any oath or indecent expressions made use of by the Children, or by the under officers, or servants of the Institution.

He is to take care that the Chapel be furnished with all things necessary for the decent performance of Divine Service, and to acquaint the Commandant with whatever may, from time to time, be requisite for that purpose.

He is to cause a Collection to be made every Sunday in the Chapel, the amount which he is to deliver to the Commandant, to be appropriated by him to the Premium Fund agreeably to the orders of the Board. Finally he shall act according to the best of his ability in every thing, that the Children may be carefully educated in the Principles of Virtue and Religion, and that a pious, sober, and honest conduct be observed by every Person in the House, and use his utmost endeavour to impress on their minds the importance of a strict attention to uniform decency of deportment and conciliation of manners, in their intercourse with each other.


The Adjutant and Secretary is to be resident in the House, and consider himself in all respects amenable to the Commandant.

It will be his duty to summons and attend, all meetings of the Board and Committee, and in the notices for extraordinary Meetings either of a General Board or Committee. He shall insert the cause of such meetings (sic). He is to take down, and preserve, minutes of all the proceedings of the Governors, and to produce them fairly written in a book, at the next succeding (sic) Meeting, as also whenever called for by a Governor or by the Commandant.

He is to keep a separate book of the present Regulations, and in which all orders and Resolutions that shall in future be formed for the government of the Establishment, shall be entered, with an alphabetical Index to the same.

He shall keep and alphabetical list of all applications for the admission of Children in to the Asylum, and likewise a register of such as are admitted, with their names and ages, time of admission, the Regiment to which the Father of the Child belonged, and his parochial Settlement, when the same can be ascertained; also, of the manner in which such Child is disposed of, on quitting the Asylum.

He shall likewise keep a book, wherein shall be constantly recorded the behaviour of each of the Children.
He is to keep, and deliver out, all such Books and Stationery, to the Serjeant Major of Instruction, as may from time to time be wanted; taking a receipt for them.

He is to see that the Serjeant-Major and Serjeants attend strictly to their duty, and maintain proper Descipline (sic) and Order among the Children, and that both they, and the Children, do keep themselves clean and neat in their Persons, especially upon all formations of Parade, which it is expected he will regularly inspect, and also frequently visit the Schools, Workshops, and Dormitories, and report to the Commandant any irregularities he may observe.

Commandant may from time to time require of him.


The Quarter master is to be resident in the House, it will be his duty to examine all the Provisions, Stores, and Clothing sent in, to see that they are of the quality, and charged at the price contracted for, under the orders of the Board, to give Check Receipts to the several Tradesmen furnishing the same, and to take a Counter-Check from them in like manner.

He must be provided with scales, weights, measures, &c . to ascertain the quantities of every article brought in, which he shall regularly enter into a store book, under their respective heads, to enable the Secretary to examine the Tradesmen's accounts at the end of each quarter previously to their being paid - every article of provision should be placed in his stores, the meat and Oat-meal should be removed from thence to the boiler in his presence, or that of the Quarter Master Serjeant, and all other articles of provision should remain in his charge until delivered for immediate distribution.

He is responsible for the quality and quantity of the supplies, and to have them placed on a board, and affixed over the scales or place of delivery - together with the price of the several articles - by contract or otherwise; he shall be accountable for all receipts, issues, and remains, and keep a regular account thereof, and shall not allow any waster to be committed by the servants, or suffer any article of Provisions, Clothing, or Stores, to be carried out of the House, but shall report the same, or any other irregularity, that may come under his notice, to the Commandant.

He is to take care that every thing necessary be provided, and in readiness for the meals of the Children, at the following hours; viz. Breakfast at eight "Clock in Summer, and at nine o’Clock in Winter; Dinner at one o'Clock the year round; and Supper, at seven o'clock in Summer, and six o'Clock in Winter.

He is immediately responsible for the general cleanliness of every department of the Institution, the Hospital excepted, to take care that all nuisances are instantly removed, and that all the public and private Servants residing in the Institution keep the respective apartments, doors, and passages of which they have charge, swept and washed, and in all respects as far as cleanliness is concerned, according to the Rules of the Institution, and the intention of the Governors. He or his Serjeant is daily to visit every department of the Institution (the Hospital excepted) and to report to the Commandant any person or persons who shall be found inattentive to cleanliness.

He is to keep an Inventory of all the Furniture belonging to the Institution, specifying the different articles in possession of the several Officers, Assistants and Servants, and to make a quarterly Return thereof to the Commandant, to be by him laid before the Committee of Fifteen.

He is to give in to the Commandant on every Monday morning by ten o'Clock, a written report of the repairs necessary for the several Buildings, and different Apartments, to enable the former to submit the same for the sanction of the Visiting Governor.


It will be his duty to examine all the Children brought to the Asylum for admission, and to report on any special cases occurring among them, to take charge of the Sick, to regular all matters within the line of his professional duty, to attend to the Dietary of the Children, and propose such amendments from time to time to the Committee (through the Commandant) as in his judgement may appear likely to contribute to the better health of the Children in general.

The Medicine, in future, shall be purchased at the Apothecaries Hall, and compounded in the Infirmary. The Surgeon to examine and check the Druggist's accounts, and arrange a pass book, in which all medicine for the use of the School shall be entered, and signed by him; and to be careful that the issues from the Dispensary correspond therewith. He is not to allow any Medicine to be supplied to the Officers, or others, unless they may really appear to him (or his Assistant) to required the same on account of ill health.

When the Medical Assistant's avocation will permit, the Surgeon may all him to attend Surgical Classes, &c.; but in all cases of absence from the Institution, the sanction of the Commandant must first be obtained.


The Assistant Surgeon is to reside in the House, and will receive his instructions from the Surgeon.
He is to give all possible attention to the comfort of the sick, and the health of the Children, and also for the faithful compounding of Medicine, and the regular issue thereof.

He is to keep a correct account of all Medicine expended in the Hospital, and likewise of what supplied to the Officers, Assistants, or Servants of the Institution.

He is to be careful that the utmost cleanliness and regularity prevail in the Infirmary, and the Hospital Nurses discharge their duty effectually.

He is not unnecessarily to absent himself from the Institution.

At ten o'Clock each morning he is to give in to the Commandant a written report of the Sick Children in the Hospital, or elsewhere, and to enter on the back of it the names of any of the Assistants or servants, that may be so indisposed as to render them unfit to perform their duty.


The Serjeant-Major of Instruction shall cause the Boys to rise by beat of drum, at half past five in the morning, from the 25th of March to the 29th of September, and at Day-break from the 29th of September to the 25th of March.

Upon the Boys leaving their dormitories, which it is expected they will do every morning during the Summer months at six o'Clock, he is to cause the Orderly Serjeant of the week regularly to parade and march off the Trades-Boys to their respective occupations, and the remainder under their different Serjeants, by succession of companies, taken to the dressing-ward, for the purpose of having their shoes cleaned, their hand and faces washed, and heads combed. Sufficient time will be allowed the Trades Boys on their return from work, to perform the same before they sit down to breakfast.

Every morning during the Summer months, he is to cause the Boys to be marched to the School at Nine o'Clock, and in Winter at Ten.

He is then to read, or cause the Orderly Serjeant to read, such Prayers as may be directed by the Chaplain, after which he will proceed to the School-business of Reading, Writing, and the four first Rules in Arithmetic, or to such other employing Arithmetic, or to such other employments as may be assigned, to quality them either for the duties of a Soldier, or for other subordinate situations in life.

He is previously to examine each boy, to see that he be washed clean, and dressed in a proper manner; and if this should have been neglected to be done, he is to deliver the Boy, so improperly dressed, to the Serjeant to which such Boy belongs, to be put in order, and he will report any repetition of neglect in the same person to the Commandant.

He and his Assistants are to see that the Boys feet are washed twice a week, summer and winter.

He and his Assistants are to attend the Boys at all meals, and to cause one of them to say grace, before and after each meal.

He is to see that the Orderly Serjeant of the week attend the Boys at their hours of recreation, to prevent them from behaving improperly in any respect.

The Orderly Serjeant is to see that the Boys are all in bed at the hour appointed, to and from which they are to be regularly marched, and a Serjeant to sleep in each dormitory with the Boys.

He and his Assistants are to see that the Boys are decently and propely (sic) dressed on Sundays, previous to their attending divine Service, where they are all required to be present with the Children.

He will promote, to the utmost of his power, Good will, Friendship, and Cordiality among the Children, endeavouring to impress them with those sentiments of Virtue and Religion, which may best enable them to regulate their future conduct.

He will be especially careful that no profane or indecent expressions be, on any occasion, made use of to them, or in their hearing, by his Assistants or the Servants; and whenever he may discover any species of Vice or Immorality, or tendency thereto, in the Boys, or any improper conduct towards them on the part of the Assistants, or Servants, he is in the first instance immediately to report the same to the Chaplain, and then to the Adjutant, or (through him) to the Commandant, according to the nature and degree of the offence.

He is to make a weekly return of what Stationery may be wanted, in order that it may be delivered to him by the Secretary, who will take his Receipts for the same.

He shall, every three months, deliver to the Adjutant, for the purpose of its being laid by the Commandant before the Board, an exact list of the Boys, divided into proper classes of Reading, Writing, and other employments, specifying each Boy's age, the time he has been in the Asylum. The Trade to which he is applying, and the progress he has made since his admission.

He is to have special care that the Assistants do their duty diligently in the Instruction of the Boys, and at convenient times, he is to hear and examine the respective Classes under their care.

Whenever he or his Assistants discover the slightest disease, or sickly appearance in the Boys, they are forthwith to report the circumstance to the Assistant Surgeon.

He is to keep, hung up in some convenient place, the Table of the employment of the Boys for several hours of the day, and see that the same be strictly attended to.


The Quarter-Master-Serjeant is to be subordinate to, and follow the Instructions of, the Quarter-Master, and to assist him in every department of his Office, to the utmost of his abilities.


The Serjeant Assistants are to be subordinate to, and follow the Instructions of, the Serjeant-Major, and to assist him in every department of his Office, to the utmost of their abilities.

They are to watch over the Boys, when at their recreation; to prevent them from doing mischief, or acting improperly in any respect, and a Serjeant to sleep in each Dormitory with the Boys.

They are constantly to attend Divine Service with the Children.

They are to abstain from the use of profane or indecent language, and in all respects to behave themselves religiously and soberly, so as to excite in the Children and emulation to Virtue.

They are to be present with the Boys at mealtimes, and to assist the Serjeant Major in keeping silence, and maintaining a decency of behaviour, during Meals, and in seeing that the Fires be extinguished in proper time in the Boys Dormitories.


The Drummer is to beat the Drum at the hours appointed for the Children's meals, for their rising in the morning, and going to bed in the evening, and at any other times, or for any other purpose, that may be directed by the Commandant.

He is to teach such Boys to beat the Drum, and play the Fife, as may be appointed by the Commandant.

He is also to inflict such corporal punishment on the Boys, as may be ordered by the Commandant.

His is to officiate in the Chapel as Sexton, and to follow the instructions of the Chaplain in that respect.


The Serjeant Taylor will receive his instructions from the Quarter Master; he will be especially diligent in instructing all the Boys (from time to time), committed to his charge, in the art of Tayloring. He must exact strict obedience from them, and never permit the slightest irregularity to pass without reporting the same to the Adjutant. He is not to suffer them to idle, or absent themselves on idle pretences, but to keep them diligently to their work, during the hours allotted for that purpose.

He will be held accountable for the due application of all the materials intrusted to him, and he is in all respects to conduct himself to the utmost of his abilities for the benefit of the Institution.


The Serjeant Gardener will receive his instructions directly from the Commandant, in the management of the grounds committed to his culture and care; it is to be expected that he will be scrupulously exact in the appropriation of it, to the Sole and only purpose of raising the customary supplies, for the use of the Children of the Institution, in the execution of which, the most unremitting attention becomes necessary, and every expedient resorted to, to make them abundant and good in their kind. Over the Children sent to assist, and receive instructions from him, he must necessarily exercise a strict discipline, and never allow any sort of irregularity to pass unreproved, but immediately to report any breach of decency in language or conduct, to the Adjutant.

As far as the nature of his employment will admit, he shall instruct the Boys in agriculture, horticulture, and such other branches of his art as he may find practicable.

He is upon no account to allow his time and the Boys' labour, to be taken up with attention to the officers' gardens, but when both can be spared, and blended with the general concerns of the Institution.

All husbandry implements under his charge, are to be carefully attended to, and when requiring repair, to be reported to the Quarter Master without delay.

He is to keep a correct account (in a book appropriated for the purpose) of all Sales of Fruit Trees, and overplus vegetables, which may become necessary to part with, and regularly pay the different amounts to the Commandant, for his transmission of the same to the Acting Treasurer.


The Serjeants Artificers are to reside in the Farm-Yard, and receive their instructions from the Commandant, or by his direction through the Quarter-Master.

The Carpenter is to make such casual Repairs to the Buildings in Carpentry, Painting, and Glazing, as they may from time to time require; likewise to keep in order the Carts, and other Implements of Husbandry.

The Mason is to keep all the Buildings, Out-House, &c. in complete Repair. He is also to assist in White-washing - Painting, or in any other necessary Employment that may be connected with his particular Trade.

They are on no account to job or work for the private convenience of any individual whatsoever belonging to the Institution, not to perform Repairs of any sort without an order from the Commandant, who, previous to giving such order, is expected in all instances, to obtain the consent of the Visiting Governor, except where the urgency of the work to be done is such as not to admit of the delay of waiting for such previous consent.

They are to be faithful and just in the distribution of their time, and the due application of the materials they are intrusted with to the only purposes direct; and to render themselves, in all respects, as useful as possible to the Institution.

Should the Governors deem it expedient at any time hereafter, to apprentice to them some of the Boys to learn the Trade of Carpentry, and Masonry, they will expect from them the most diligent attention in getting them forward in their particular Branches, and at all times to pay a watchful attention to their Morals and Conduct.


He is to reside near the Bake-House, and is to receive his Instructions from the Commandant or by his Directions through the Quarter-Master.

He is to be extremely punctual in his Days and Hours of Baking, that the Supplies may be regularly delivered into the Quarter-Master's Stores.

He is to be careful in using the Flour, and other articles given to his charge, to the greatest advantage and to keep a regular account of the same, that it may be check'd against the Quarter-Master's books.

He is to give his utmost attention to such of the Children, Make or Female, as it may be thought necessary to place under his care for the purpose of being instructed in the trade.


The Pioneer Corporal will receive his instructions from the Quarter-Master. He is to have charge or, and reside in the farm year, and never absent himself unnecessarily therefrom. He is to assist in milking and foddering the cows; to see the horse regularly fed; to be particularly careful that no hay or straw is wasted or destroyed; that the Cattle experience no rough treatment; and should any accident befal them, he is, without loss of time, to report the same.

He is accountable that the Cow-houses, Stables, and Yard are constantly kept clean; the principal gate never kept open, but on necessary occasions. That no hawkers, pedlars, or strolling idle people be allowed to enter, nor the Children belonging to the School, to be playing or loitering in the Yard. As soon as the business of the day is over, he is to lodge the keys of the Gate with the Quarter-Master.


The Serjeant Porter is constantly to reside at his Lodge; he is not to suffer any Child to go out of the gate, without a written, or verbal permission from the Commandant; nor any servant of the Institution, without leave from the proper Officer; he shall not allow the Friends or Relations of any of the Children to pass into the Asylum, with the like permission; he is to suffer no idle or strolling people, hawkers or pedlars, to enter the gate.

He is to be particularly careful in receiving and delivering of all Messages and Letters.

He is punctually to open the rere (sic) as well as the front Gate, for the admission of Workmen, at Sic o'Clock in the morning during Summer, and at Day-break during winter; he will also be responsible for their final close at ten at night, and the delivery of the keys to the Quarter Master.


The Messenger is to be employed on no business but what relates to the Institution at large, and to receive his Instructions directly from the Commandant or the Adjutant

He is to be punctual in attendance at the School, at seven o'clock every morning in Summer, and at eight o'clock in Winter, and to remain until regularly dismissed

He is to be particularly careful in the receipt, and delivery, of all messages and letters, and to devote his intermediate time until dismissed, to every useful purpose to which he may be called, particularly in assisting in the issue of Coals from the Quarter-Master's Stores to the Officers, School-Mistresses, and School Rooms, also to the cutting of the Children's hair, and occasionally assisting to white-wash the Dormitories, School-rooms, and Corridores (sic)

On Board and Committee Days, he is to be in attendance on the Governors wherever they may be pleased to hold their Meetings, and to convey such Books and Parcels as may be wanting on those occasions.


The Matron shall be resident in the House; she is to have the direction of the Female Servants, subject to the controul of the Commandant, and the entire management of the Girls, with whom she shall be present during their meals.

The Rules which are above detailed for the Boys, in regard to the times of rising and going to bed, the hours of Instruction, the reading of Prayers in the Morning, and the saying of Grace before and after each meal, are to be equally and uniformly maintained among the girls, under the immediately direction of the Matron, who shall be responsible for the due observance of the same , and that the Rules laid down for their Moral Conduct be strictly complied with and to report the slightest deviation therefrom to the Chaplain.

She is to superintend the washing of the Dormitories, and to take care that the same be executed at an early hour.

She is to superintend the Education of the Girls in Reading, Writing, Sewing, Knitting, Marking, Washing, and getting up Linen; in Kitchen and House-work, and in such other Female Employments as may qualify them for useful Servants.

She is to take care, that, during their continuance under the Protection of this Institution, they be properly employed in the School, and in the domestic requisites of the Establishment, as far as their ages and abilities will permit.

She is to take care that one of the School-Mistresses be always present with the Girls at their hours of recreation, to prevent them from behaving improperly in any respect.

She is to take under her charge from the Quarter-Master (giving him a receipt for the same- the House-linen, Children's Linen, and Bedding.

She is to see that the Children's and House-linen be, as much as possible, made up and repaired by the Girls; that the Linen of the Children be properly changed; and that the Beds be likewise furnished with clean Sheets, at such times as shall be directed.

She must take care that the School-mistresses be constantly attentive to the keeping of the Children's Heads clean and well combed, and to the washing of their Feet twice a week in Summer and Winter.

She is personally to inspect the Dormitories of the Girls, both in the day-time and after they go to bed; and she will not fail to apply to the Commandant, whenever she may consider his interference necessary to enforce a due obedience to her orders.


Beside the particular objects for which the Mistresses are respectively engaged, such as Reading, Writing, Knitting, Sempstry, &c. &c. they shall assist the Matron in her several Duties, as may be required.

The School-mistresses are to see that the Children retire orderly to their beds at the hour appointed, and rise in the morning in the same manner.

They are to take care that the Children be properly washed and combed, and their clothes decently put on, before they attend in the School, and that their Feet be regularly washed at Night, twice a week, Summer and Winter.

They are likewise to take care that the Dormitiories (sic) and their own Apartments, be constantly kept clean, and in proper order, and that the Bedding, Sheets, Towels, and Children's Clothing, delivered to their care, be kept in repair, and regularly returned to the Matron at the times appointed.


She is to reside in the Infirmary, and to be subordinate to and follow the Instructions of the Medical Officers. She is to take care of all Children committed to her Charge, and see that all Medicines, &c. delivered to her be punctually administered at the time prescribed, and She is to watch over the Assistants that they all perform their several duties. She is never to absent herself from the Infirmary without the leave of a Medical Officer, nor is she to suffer the Relatives or Friends of the Children to visit them without the permission of the Commandant or Medical Officer, and to be extremely particular that they do not give to the Children any kind of Food or Liquor, without the knowledge or consent of the Surgeon. She will be held responsible for the Cleanliness of the Children in their Dress and Persons, and also for the interior of the Infirmary, the Apartments of which are , however, never to be washed but when she may receive direction for that purpose; and she is to conduct herself with the propriety and regularity becoming a Person having so important a Charge, taking care also, that her Assistants do the same.


The Cook is to be under the immediate control of the Matron, and likewise of the Quarter-master, from whom she will daily receive the necessary Provisions for the Institution. She is to be punctual in preparing the several Meals at the Hours appointed, and any Milk that remains, after supplying the Children, she is carefully to return to the Dairy. She shall carefully instruct in Kitchen Work, such of the Girls as may be sent to her for that purpose. She shall keep the Kitchen and Utensils clean and in proper Order. She shall not dispose of any Provisions or Kitchen stuff on any account whatever; and she is in all respects to behave herself Honestly, Soberly, and Quietly in her Station.


The Laundress is to receive from the Matron, every Monday Morning, the Children's Linen, and such House Linen as is to be washed in the week, and to take care that the Washing be done in a proper manner, without damaging the Linen; and she shall return the several Articles back to the Matron at the times appointed.

She shall likewise instruct and employ such Girls in Laundry-Work, as may from time to time be sent for that purpose, whose Moral Conduct she is strictly to watch over, and never allow any irregularity to pass without reporting it to the Matron; and she will be accountable that the Laundry, and all Utensils belonging to it, be kept clean and in good order.

A very scrupulous attention is required from her, in regard to the Dairy committed to her management. She is to see the Cows properly milked, Morning and Evening, and the Milk carefully laid up in her Dairy. She is on no account to give away any part of the Milk (which is intended solely for the Children's use) to any other Person whatever. She is to have the Milk properly mixed, and prepared before it is given to the Cook, and any remains is to be received back by her. She will receive her Instructions from the Matron, and Quarter-Master, to whom she will give every information respecting the Cows, falling off in their Milk, meeting with Accidents, or any casualty whatever that she may from time to time observe, and will be held responsible at all times, for the minute Cleanliness of the Dairy, and Utensils.

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